The API that enables Strategies & Manageable Interactions

Interaction API

Frontend API ( Html, JavaScript )

Transforming simple events into sequence combinations! From simple forms to advanced interactions.

Frontend API

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Backend API ( Json, Php )

Interaction management, creating strategies, new modules, search leads.

Backend API

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Vendors API ( Json, Php )

Api addon enabling management and full control of clients

Vendors API

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Interactive Console ( User Interface )

Not sure if the backend API is for you?

No problem! The console provides a friendly user interface with access to all features and options.

Interactive Console

Interactive Modules ( Data Collection )

When interactions are supposed to collect data, a collection of data fields can be packaged in a module. Modules also support data field cloning.


Interactive Strategy ( Be prepared )

With all necessary management tools at your fingertips, strategies can be meticulously crafted for precise interactions, or may serve as general guidelines.


Strategy Behaviors ( Global )

Adjustments to global strategies such as behavior type, recycling modules, delay in between interactions... Can be achieved with just a few clicks.

Strategy Behaviors

Module Chaining ( Advanced )

Interactions between modules and visitors will result in the dismissal or submission of a module. This feature provides the ability to link action outcome of each module to other modules.

Chaining Modules

Strategy Parameters ( Display )

In addition to inline declaration of event tags and parameters, the same can be applied within the console.

Strategy Parameters

Interaction Headings ( Display )

Each interaction accepts multiple headings, and each heading contains a subject and message, if relevant data is passed through inline declaration, this data can be parsed in the subject and message field via template tags.

Strategy Parameters

Interaction Extras ( Display )

Custom CSS file and other parameters can be applied on each individual interaction.

Strategy Parameters

Scoring Models ( Data Valuation )

Unlimited scoring models can be created, it's purpose is to package data fields, and apply specific rules to fit any desired scenario.

Scoring Models

Score Adjustments ( Global )

Each data field / property contained within a scoring model, can accept two values, a score value and a confirmed value. The sum of all values should be equivalent to 100.

Score Adjustments

Instant Notifications ( Alerts )

An alert is automatically queued, once the contents of a scoring model, is equal or greater than the defined alert threshold. Simply define the threshold by drag the threshold slider.

Instant Notifications

Webhooks Push API ( HTTP )

Webhooks will automatically post data and lead contents to a designated endpoint, once the contents of a scoring model, is equal or greater than the defined web hook threshold. Simply define the threshold by drag the threshold slider.

Web Hooks

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